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I grew up in a family where my father was a physician and a healer and my mom a professor. Different healing ways were always part of my life. Ever since I was young, I have had many intense experiences with spirit energies and unseen forces of nature. I was naturally drawn to them, and as any psychic will tell you, any child can pick up on spirits naturally, as they remain open and believing......

Whenever I have had challenges, I usually step away, inward, and paint mandala paintings which help me transform the challenging energies and approach different situations in a effective ways which always bring me and others positive results. As a result of my life experiences, I am offering Mandala workshops which you can use as a transformational path to get positive results in your daily life.

After I attended the Clinical Hypnotherapy training, I realized that self-hypnosis was always part of my life. This is simple and natural way of using positive suggestions facilitates new learning by connecting the subconscious mind. In this state, we can accept anything and change everything that resides inside us, and as a reflection, we gain positive results in outside world. Every time we are in the process of transforming, we are able to peel the layers of the onion deeper and get better results in our daily lives.

During this training, I became aware that prayers have always been a part of my self-hypnosis, and I use them as an intention. In this way, I start to recognize existing natural laws. Everything has to be in a spontaneous alignment with illusionary, limited time in a three dimensional world when we enter into a timeless, creative, empty space. In this way, we are able to connect with our truth, which is our pure nature. As a result, we develop certain abilities which bring positive results because of our inner transformation. This is the path where we consciously create an authentic life and where we are able to recognize our mission and know what it means to be one with the spirit. I am now a member of International Board of Clinical Practitioners.

A new dimension of my practice is nutrition combined with health. Arnoux Goran, the founder of Total Health Mastery program, cured himself of many "incurable" diseases. After I attended his seminar, I realized that I can add to my existing focus a new intention - nutrition combined with health. I tried and was surprised that we can gain many results very fast, including health, especially when we have open access to the source of all knowledge. On the path to that point, our body is always telling us what it needs; but, it is up to us to trust and communicate with it and follow through with appropriate action.

From my early childhood until today when ever I am creating I don't need to eat. As I am sustained most of the time by the Creator's energy. This was the way that I started fasting. In the past I chose to experience living on light and prana for about 6 months. Now I believe that eating is a habit which is connecting with many levels in the body. Everybody can come to the same conclusion if you start to ask yourself why you are eating. Sooner or latter you will realize that there are many "excuses" for this "habit".